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Bamboo Tubular Rims – Test Protocol by Edgar Jakobs

We are pleased to present our new addition to our bamboo rims line, tubular rims.

Our Thanks to Edgar Jakobs, Germany, for his unique and great work.


Testing Ghisallo Bamboo rims Tubular – Protocol Stuhr / Germany, 28. September 2013

Hello again Cyclists,

when I finished the 500km Testing of the Ghisallo Bamboo rims for Clincher Tires I was asked by the Ghisallo Team “What about a Test of Ghisallo Bamboo rims for Tubular Tires?”. I said “Yeah, how we gonna do that?”. They had already manufactured a pair of them, Tipo Elegant with 32 holes and I received the rims a few days later.

In 2009 I mounted a wheelset with these rims made with beechwood for a Touring Bike, the GILCO 60G. So I knew the rim diameter and the spokes were in the house.
I used DT-SWISS Competition Spokes on the rear wheel, right side (3x) and DT-SWISS Revolution Spokes on the rear wheel, left side (2x) and on the front wheel (2x). Nipples are the 2mm Brass Version, Hubs are Campagnolo Record.

Before I mounted the rims I carried out a visual inspection. Everything was okay, no splittering on the holes and a very beautiful finish with clear coat.
The first step was to put the nipples with the washers into the spoke holes. The size of the holes fits exactly to the nipples, so they don’t fall out of the rims overhead.
With a little grease on the threads of the spokes I mounted the wheels without problems.

After the wheel building was done I bought tires with removable valves and tapes to fix them on the rims. Here you can see the Installation of the tape and how to use the sealant:

I used the original brake pads from Ghisallo in yellow colour. A little stripe is visible on the rims, that is art! But, more important, the soft pads do not damage the surfaces of the rims! I clean the rims from time to time with warm water and washing up liquid. A little turpentine is allowed, but is not always necessary.

After 200km I made a little service to tighten the spoke tension.

Now, after ca. 500km, I can say the Bamboo rims for Tubular Tires are a good opportunity for building light wheels. The rims weight is 360g, the weight of the complete wheels (incl. Quick release) are 750g (front wheel) and 910g (rear wheel).
Compared with the wheels for Clincher Tires including the tires the difference is dramatic: 1030g for the Tubular front wheel to 1490g for the Clincher front wheel.

So for many Racing cyclists the tubular system is the better solution, and this is also my opinion. Apart from the weight the riding comfort is higher than on wheels with Clincher Rims.
But the clincher rims with Ultimate Optional are easier to mount. And it is possible to use rugged tires, maybe for Touring Bicycles. I recommend this rims to mechanics who want to build their first wheel set with Wooden / Bamboo rims.
Bamboo is an alternative for the construction of rims!

Edgar Jakobs

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Handlebars Upgrade – now with internal steel rod too

We are proud to announce major upgrade for our handlebars.

As always in beech wood, 4 models as before but:

- 2 mahogany inserts upon request

- 5 cm wider on both side upon request

- internal steel rood with extra cost

- “riser” handlebar in 31,9 mm diameter at stem clamp attack

- all models in 25,4 mm and 31,9 mm diameter at stem clamp attack

to order:

or easily at our eshop:

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Ghisallo Wooden Rims presents Bamboo – Official Release – Rims Protocol

We are proud to present first bicycle rims made in bamboo.

We will produce them only for pneumatic model and with Ultimate carbon fiber optional.

Price has to be defined but we may say it will be higher than for traditional wood rims, soon we’ll announce price.

Our thanks to Mr. Edgar Jakobs, Germany, for his testing and protocol redacting. Mr. Jakobs is now one of our Ghisallo WheelMasters.

Mr. Jakobs released protocol statement:


Testing Ghisallo Bamboorims – Protocol Stuhr / Germany, 17. August 2013

Hello Cyclists,

on the 2nd of August 2013 I received a pair of Bamboorims in natural colour, Model Sport 32 h from Ghisallo Wooden Rims. The rims are equipped with the Ultimate Optional Carbon fiber layer.

First I checked the surface of the rims and the holes for the nipples and the valves. Anything looks good, I detected no splittering of the bamboo. The surface of the rims is very smooth and flawless.
Then I made some measurements, the width (27mm), the hight (22mm), the weight (520g) and the rim diameter (603mm) to calculate the spoke length. I had 288mm spokes in the house so I could mount the frontwheel with 2 crossing on the 3rd. August 2013. The mounting was an easy job thanks Ultimate Optional, because all nipples lay on the same level on the rims. Usually on wooden rims the heights of the nipples vary a little bit, not dramatic but it takes a little more time to mount a wooden rim compared to aluminium rims. I prepared the threads of the spokes with grease, what I always do.

On the 5th of August 2013 I rode the frontwheel on my singlespeed bicycle with 28mm tires and 4bar air pressure. I visited Tobias Meyer from faserwerk Bremen, a Bambooframebuilder in Bremen. He was very impressed by the quality of the rim.

The next day I mounted the rearwheel 2x on the left (288mm spoke length) and 3x on the right side (294mm spoke length) without any problems.

I continued the testing of the wheels with a racing bicycle and I mounted 23mm tires with 6bar air pressure. I rode the bicycle almost every day because I had holidays.

After ca. 200km I made a little service for both wheels to tight the spoke tension. I did this with mounted and pumped up tires. Expirienced mechanics know that the wheels loose 10-20% spoke tension when the tires are mounted and pumped up. I make this service on every wheel I built, nothing special for these wheels with Bamboorims.

Now after ca. 500km I can recommend the Bamboorims. The riding comfort is similar to wheels with wooden rims., the lateral stiffness seems to be somewhat higher.

Bamboo is suitable for the production of rims I think, and GHISALLO-Bamboorims are a great addition to the bicycle industry.

Edgar Jakobs

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Ghisallo welcomes new Distributor for France

“Nous sommes heureux d’accueillir M. Nicolas Vignot, Macadam Cycles Paris, que notre distributeur officiel pour la France.

Nous sommes convaincus qu’à partir d’aujourd’hui les clients français auront meilleur référent pour nos produits pour toute technique et commerciale renseigner.

Antonio Cermenati – Ghisallo Jantes en Bois”

Site web de Macadam Cycles:

“We are pleased to welcome Mr. Nicolas Vignot, Macadam Cycles Paris, as our official distributor for France.

We are sure that from today French customers will have best referrer for our products for any technical and commercial enquire.

Antonio Cermenati – Ghisallo Wooden Rims”