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Australian Cycling Party

We are more than pleased to publish links sent by our customer Omar Khalifa, Australia, about the news of Australian Cycling Party foundation.

We appreciate the effort in bringing Australian cyclists problems to the attention of general public.



To contact Omar: omar@icycleivote.com

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SPRINTER bamboo wood rim (by Edgar Jakobs)

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or info@cerchiinlegnoghisallo.com / phone (english speaking line): +39 327 19 42 638

For the 2014 bike season GHISALLO has expanded the range of bamboo rims with interesting innovations.
The bamboo rims are offered optionally in the new colour caramel. Thus, you have more options in the colour design of the bike.
In this case I have used the colour honey in the saddle and in the handlebar grips in combination with the Bamboorims SPRINTER in caramel.

The foldable tires are VITTORIA OPEN CORSA SC. With their brown flanks they fit very well to the bike, I think.

The SPRINTER rims were developed in the past year in beech wood. Now I got two pairs in bamboo with ULTIMATE OPTIONAL reinforcement of the rim bed.
The rims weights are between 440 and 450 grams determined for the bamboo rims. For the SPRINTER wooden rims GHISALLO indicates a weight of 480 grams.

VITTORIA recommends a pressure of 8-10 bar for the OPEN CORSA SC tires, but I ride them in the 25mm version with 6 bar. 23-25 mm width of the tires for the
SPRINTER rims is optimal in my opinion.
They are a good addition to the SPORT rim, that is slightly wider and also wider tyres can be mounted on them.

Before the mounting of the wheel, I always make a visual inspection of the rims, especially the holes for the nipples and the valves.
A triangular scraper or a round file is useful to remove excess varnish. Then I insert all nipples and the supplied washers into the rim.
Initially it is difficult difficult to rotate the nipples, but this is a sign that the holes are precisely executed.
Also, the nipples do not fall from the rim. A radial single-spoke is not possible, triple crossed is optimal.

At the driving test I noticed a very high riding comfort for the bamboo SPRINTER rims in conjunction with the OPEN CORSA SC tires.
The stability of the SPRINTER rims corresponds to the SPORT rims.

For the 28″ clincher rims with ULTIMATE OPTIONAL (and also for the tubular rims in 28″ and the MTB RIMS) is a spoke length calculation available.
The preset values for the hubs relate to the current models of Campagnolo (oversize body). Who uses other hubs, must determine the values based on
he sketch with a caliper.




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EUROBIKE 2014 DEMO DAY – Ghisallo Wooden Rims guest at Ritchey Logic

Ghisallo Wooden Rims will be at DEMO DAY during EUROBIKE 2014 show on August 26th thanks to collaboration with Ritchey Logic that will offer for testing Ghisallo Wooden Rims wheelset in Sport model with Ultimate carbon fiber optional everything mounted on bicycle equipped with Ritchey Logic components componentistica Ritchey.

Our thanks to Mr. Silvio Ostinelli – Rictchey Logic Manager